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Parea @ Lesvos: The summer is different!

To be in this place you are a person who is looking for colors, aromas, emotions, stories in the depths of time behind the unique landscapes. You want the whole summer of the soul, you are not satisfied with a deck chair and a beach. And you can have the best company. He will first meet you and ask you what you are interested in seeing and then he will accompany you where you want to look. Paths and routes of Asia Minor, stories of important people of the island such as Theophilos, Theriad, Eftaliotis and groups of modern creators are just some of those unfolded by the narratives of people with deep knowledge.


Five wonderful female certified tour guides all with a common vision. To discover the beauty, the obvious and the secrets of the place, whether you are a tourist or not. Eleni Kritikou, Elsa Englezopoulou, Rena Nerantzi, Eva Giannikou, Ismeni Mamouni united their love for the place and their profession in 2019. Then they decided to create their COINSEP which, despite the obstacles of the pandemic, laid the foundations for a neglected sector on the island In the alternative wanderings that fascinate, enchant and open your horizons.


Even in the middle of winter, tourists “travelled” to unique experiences such as guided tours of love in antiquity through the visual world of the island’s museums, in Mytilene of the Occupation, in the Ottoman period, in the churches, in the alleys of the lively city at night. With little money, which in Mytilini does not exceed 10 euros, tourists discover the secrets of the castle town, the central market, while they can also organize long-distance excursions with the company and valuable knowledge of Parea in Lesvos.


Where will you find fellow travelers on the island? In a welcoming and warm space that they created in Koumidia, a neighborhood in the center of Mytilini with a character similar to that of Parea in Lesvos. Open heart bright, with high aesthetics. 19 Chrysostomou Street, Smyrni. On facebook is Parea at Lesvos – Parea at lesvos and all their activities along with a lot of information about the important things happening in the cultural events of the island.


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